Top 10 FREE Online Courses to Master AI

Top 10 FREE Online AI Courses to Master AI

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Looking for AI courses to master AI? Are you intrigued by the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and eager to dive into its depths? Whether you’re a beginner or someone looking to sharpen their AI skills, there’s a plethora of online courses available that can help you master AI without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 FREE online courses that provide you with the knowledge and hands-on experience to conquer AI. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey into the realm of AI!

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List of 10 FREE online courses to Master AI

1. Google: Google AI for Anyone

Demystify AI concepts through interactive visualizations and hands-on practice.

  • Created by Google developers
  • Uses Teachable Machine and TensorFlow.js
  • No coding experience required

Course Link

AI can be intimidating, but Google’s AI for Anyone course breaks down complex concepts into easily digestible modules. With interactive visualizations and hands-on exercises, you’ll gain a solid foundation in AI without the need for prior coding experience. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to unravel the mysteries of AI.

2. Elements of AI (University of Helsinki)

A beginner-friendly course to demystify AI concepts.

  • Created by the University of Helsinki and Reaktor
  • Visualize machine learning
  • Weekly quizzes & exercises
  • Certificate upon completion

Course Link

The University of Helsinki brings you the Elements of AI course, designed to make AI accessible to everyone. You’ll explore the basics of machine learning, engage in weekly quizzes and exercises, and earn a certificate upon completion. This is your stepping stone into the fascinating world of AI.

3. AI for Everyone (Coursera)

Demystify AI and its applications using case studies and hands-on labs.

  • Created by
  • Taught by Andrew Ng
  • Explore real-world case studies
  • Practice labs to code basic ML

Course Link

Led by AI luminary Andrew Ng, AI for Everyone on Coursera offers a comprehensive understanding of AI’s real-world applications. Through case studies and hands-on labs, you’ll gain insights into AI’s impact across various industries and get your hands dirty with basic machine learning coding.

4. Practical Deep Learning for Coders

Apply deep learning to real world problems using PyTorch.

  • Created by Jeremy Howard
  • Hands-on coding examples and labs
  • Deploy models to production

Course Link

Jeremy Howard’s Practical Deep Learning for Coders course equips you with the skills to tackle real-world challenges using PyTorch. With hands-on coding examples and labs, you’ll learn to build, train, and deploy deep learning models. This course bridges the gap between theory and practical application.

5. Microsoft: AI for Beginners

Introduction to core AI concepts using Microsoft Azure services.

  • Created by Microsoft experts
  • No programming experience needed
  • Visual interface and tutorials

Course Link

Microsoft’s AI for Beginners course introduces you to AI concepts using their Azure services. Even if you have no programming experience, this course provides a user-friendly platform to understand the core principles of AI through visual interfaces and tutorials.

6. IBM – AI for Everyone

Master the Basics Learn what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is by understanding its applications and key concepts.

  • Real-world AI case studies
  • Apply AI ethics and bias awareness
  • Hands-on labs using IBM Watson Studio

Course Link

IBM’s AI for Everyone course delves into real-world AI case studies and emphasizes the importance of ethics and bias awareness in AI. With hands-on labs using IBM Watson Studio, you’ll get a practical grasp of AI applications and ethical considerations.

7. Artificial Intelligence Projects

Take a free artificial intelligence projects course & get hands-on experience to handle AI problems.

  • Free lifetime access
  • Completion Certificate
  • 4.5 hours of video content

Course Link

For those who learn best by doing, the Artificial Intelligence Projects course offers hands-on experience. You’ll tackle real AI problems and gain valuable skills. Plus, you’ll have access to 4.5 hours of video content to guide you through the process.

8. The Linux Foundation: Data and AI Fundamentals

A practical introduction to data science and machine learning fundamentals.

  • 5 modules, 15 lessons
  • 8-12 hours to complete
  • Beginner friendly
  • Free Certificate

Course Link

The Linux Foundation’s Data and AI Fundamentals course provides a solid foundation in data science and machine learning. With its structured modules, this beginner-friendly course makes it easy to grasp AI concepts. Plus, you’ll earn a free certificate upon completion.

9. Microsoft – Azure AI Fundamentals

Course Link

10. Harvard – Introduction to AI with Python

Beginner to intermediate level

Covers search algorithms, logic & more

7 weeks (15 hours per week)

Course Link

In conclusion, mastering AI has never been more accessible. These free online courses cater to learners of all levels and backgrounds, ensuring that you can embark on your AI journey with confidence. So, which course will you choose to begin your adventure into the captivating world of Artificial Intelligence? Dive in and start your AI learning journey today!


In this article, we’ve explored the top 10 FREE online courses that will help you master AI, from Google’s interactive AI course to Harvard’s in-depth introduction. These courses offer a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience, ensuring that you can confidently navigate the world of Artificial Intelligence. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your AI skills, there’s a course tailored just for you.

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